Auto aukce, s.r.o.

Auto aukce, s.r.o.

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Auto aukce, s.r.o.

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A manufacturer of sanitary napkins and tampons with probiotics.FIDE is a manufacturer of sanitary napkins with probiotics, which provide the enhanced protection of the vaginal mucosa. Our unique napkins ...

A manufacturer of sanitary napkins and tampons with probiotics.

Sodium decyl sulphateSodium decyl sulphate is an anionic surfactant with low foaming quality and high foam stability. It is an excellent dispersing, wetting and ...

Sodium decyl sulphate

Plastic mouldingsWe produce plastic mouldings, capacity millions of pieces monthly according to the character of a required product. Plastic mouldings up to ...

Plastic mouldings

Park benchesPark benches for urban accessories. We produce and supply wooden, metal, cast-iron park benches and in wood-metal combination. They are ...

Park benches


Tel.: +420 284 093 306
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Auto aukce, s.r.o.
Lukavecká 1732
Praha - Horní Počernice
193 00

Czech Republic


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